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Hey! Our values are getting noticed! #ShieldintheCloud

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been short-listed for the Shield in the Cloud Challenge! While it’s not the first time we’ve had partners get excited about our mission – it is the first time that we’ve gotten such positive feedback specifically about our commitment to transparency and fairness.

What’s the Shield in The Cloud challenge?

The Shield in the Cloud challenge has been launched by C5 to identify best-

in-class technology that combats global, political and corporate corruption,

and promotes good governance. The Challenge is supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS), PeaceTech Lab, and SAP NS2.

Yooz, along with ten other start-ups has been short-listed for the Dream Big category which is the prize for the most innovative start-up that uses cloud technology to enable anti-corruption and increase transparency.

From Andre Pienaar, the founder of C5:

“Shield in the Cloud is the first global innovation challenge to combat corruption and terrorist financing worldwide. The public cloud provides unprecedented opportunity to innovate, scale and strengthen good governance, everywhere. We were delighted to see the scale and pace of innovation in so many innovative applicants in the challenge. We were honoured to meet so many leaders and entrepreneurs who are determined to fight organised crime, terrorist finance and corruption to protect their countries and communities, often against the odds.”

Why did we join this challenge?

Simply, because we thought this was an awesome initiative. We believe in the power to make payments safer, simpler, transparent and more accessible. This is fundamental to our values. We also believe that this approach will have a huge impact on the world – including reducing corruption.

We were excited to see such major companies, like Amazon, supporting initiatives like this, so it was an easy decision to apply.

What happens next?

The winners of the first Shield in the Cloud challenge will be announced at a Gala ceremony in Washington DC tomorrow – so fingers crossed!

However, regardless of outcome, we’re pretty excited to be involved. Follow all the updates @yoozmoney and #ShieldintheCloud.

And of course, we're always looking for trailblazers who believe in fast and fair ways to send money to India!

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