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Making it easier to send money to India

At Yooz, we're building a service where you can send money to India seamlessly, instantly and whenever you need to. While we’re in the workshop putting on the finishing touches, we want to give you a peak at some of the features you can look forward to...

As people who send money to India, we were tired of trying to remember everyone’s account number and IFSC code. We wanted to be able to send money to any our phone we built it. With Yooz, if you don't have the bank account details, no problem - all you need is the recipient's Indian phone number and we'll take it there.

We wanted to give you the option, so you will be able to send money to any Indian mobile number or you can add the bank account details if that's easier. You can also track your transaction every step of the way and be confident it arrives to the right person in no time at all. For us, this is all part of our promise of making Yooz a better way to send money to India.

While we continue to work hard to bring this service to you – we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line with any ideas or questions or thoughts. We want to make something you are going to love using.

And of course, we’re welcoming trailblazers! Stay up to date on all the latest and be at the front of the queue for early access to the Yooz app.

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