Welcome! We’re building a better way to send money to India

Well, hello there! We’re Yooz, an app that will change the way you send money to India.

While we’re still putting the finishing touches ahead of our launch, we wanted to use this opportunity to introduce ourselves and invite you to become one of our trailblazers.

We are building Yooz because we believe that your money should move as fast as your emails, your texts, your tweets, your messages. The world is instant, so why can’t your money be? We’re offering superfast transactions so that you know as soon as you click transfer, the money arrives into your (or your family’s) account in India in minutes, not days.

Oh yeah, and no matter how much you send – you’ll always get the same real exchange rate, no hidden fees, no matter what.

Become a trailblazer!

If you believe in speed, fairness and need to send money to India – join us. When we launch, a select group of trailblazers will be invited to get first access to our service. Not only will they be the first to access the app, but there will be opportunities for promotions and prizes for helping us grow and promote a better way to send money to India.

Think you’re a trailblazer? Then sign up here.

#superfasttransfer #trailblazer

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