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What is Yooz?

Yooz is a mobile app that lets you send money to India quickly, simply and securely at real exchange rates. You work hard for your money and we believe you should be able to send money whenever you need to, without worrying about unfair charges. We will help you get your money, all of your money, home safely.


We offer superfast money transfers so your money arrives in minutes or hours, not days.


Want to learn more, check out our “About Yooz” page.

How do I make a transfer with Yooz?

If you want to send money with Yooz, you only need:

- A smartphone (to download our app)

- A UK bank account (to get the transfer started)

- An Indian bank account and recipient’s Indian mobile number

- A little love (because it’s not just money you’re sending)

Can I make a transfer with cash?

Yooz cannot accept or deliver cash transfers. Senders need a UK bank account and recipients need an Indian bank account to receive the funds.

How much can I send with Yooz?

There are no minimum requirements to send with Yooz. However, the first time you send more than £250, for security reasons we may ask for additional information (like proof of address and your passport or driver’s license.) We promise to make this as easy as possible for you, so you can keep sending money with Yooz whenever you need to.

How long does it take for my transfer to arrive in India?

We believe in speed. Our superfast transfers ensure your money arrives in minutes or hours rather than days.

Where can you send money with Yooz?

You can send money from the UK to India.

Is Yooz safe?

Yes. We are committed to the highest security standards to ensure your money arrives safely to those who rely on it. We want to help you send money faster and more fairly, so we are not holding any of your money. Anytime you send money to Yooz, it goes to a dedicated account held by our banking partner.

How does Yooz make money?

Yooz earns money by offering Superfast transfers for a small charge – a service that helps you get money home faster when you need it most.

What do I do if I transfer money to the wrong contact?

You will be able to cancel a transaction in the app provided that the funds have not already arrived into the recipient’s bank details. If you have any concerns, contact us as soon as possible. In the majority of cases, we can reverse a transaction as long as the money has not arrived into the recipient’s’ bank account.

What if someone steals my phone? Is my account safe?

Your security is our top concern, so we have examined all of these risks. If someone steals your phone, let us know and we’ll put a temporary block on your account until you are ready to transact again. If someone does try to use your account without your consent, any unusual transactions will be blocked by our fraud team. The most important thing is to contact us as soon as possible if you believe your account has been compromised.

Why does my transaction say ‘pending’?

To complete a transaction, we need to have received the sender’s funds via bank transfer. We also need the recipient’s bank details, which can be entered by either the sender or recipient.


If your transaction is marked ‘pending’, check to make sure the sender has sent us the funds via a bank transfer. Or check to make sure the recipient’s bank details have been entered in the app.


If you’ve checked both of these requirements and your transaction is still pending, then contact us and we’ll help make sure your transfer gets completed as quickly as possible.

Call: 020 387 12902
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