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About Yooz

The superfast way to send money to India

Welcome to Yooz

We are an app-based money transfer service for people who send money from the UK to India. Our app lets you send as much or as little as you want as fast as you need to and at the exchange rate we receive (we add no margin). No hidden fees, no hassles. Our team is made up of people who live far from home, so we understand that sending money can help you feel closer to family and friends, as well as to your goals.

We are committed to providing the fastest, simplest and most financially competitive service that we can – so you know that your money is, well...yours.


We deliver on our promises, delivering your money to India simply, securely and at the real exchange rate. You can track your transfer every step from the app and you can also chat with us while you start your transfer if you have any questions.


We only offer the exchange rate we receive to our customers. No hidden fees, no hassles. We bring the market rates directly to you so you can be confident Yooz is always a competitive, fair and transparent service.


For when your transfer needs to get to India as soon as possible, our superfast transfer can help your funds arrive in minutes. We expedite your transfer so you know your money will arrive when it is needed most.


We are committed to putting your security first and making sure your funds arrive safely. We have sophisticated data encryption processes and risk management controls to ensure your funds are managed safely.

Reliable Transparent
Superfast Secure
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